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Site searches

Visitors use site search pages to search for content on your site. You can include filters, sorts, and other standard features in your site-search pages, and even have different search pages for different sites.


In the previous illustration, the search results include a filter for type of content, sort options by date published, a promo associated with the search term, and the discovered items' headline and first paragraph.

Procedure. To create a site search:
  1. In the dashboard, in the Quick Start widget, click Site Search. A Site Search content edit page appears. (If you don't see Site Search in the Quick Start widget, create a new site search by following the procedure in Creating any type of content.)

  2. Using the following table as a reference, fill out the fields to create a site search page.

  3. Click Publish.




Heading for the site search page.

Results Per Page

Number of search results per page. Previous and next buttons appear to page through the results.


Content types in which this search page looks for matching items.


Fields by which visitors can filter the search results, such as date published or content type. Checkboxes appear for each filter.


Fields by which visitors can sort the search results.

Show All Content On Empty Query

Determines what happens if a visitor clicks the search button without providing any search terms.

  • If off, Brightspot displays a prompt to enter a search term.

  • If on, Brightspot displays all items.

Search Spotlight


Dictionary to use for determining the spotlight associated with a search term. For information about creating dictionaries, see Dictionaries and terms.

Max Spotlights

Number of spotlights to display at the top of a search page.