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A page is an informational asset that rarely changes. You can use pages to display messages, such as when an asset is not found (error 404) or when your site is temporarily unavailable for maintenance (status 503).

Procedure. To create a page:
  1. In the header, click in the search field. The search panel appears.

  2. From the Create list, select Page.

  3. Click New. A blank content edit page appears.

  4. Enter text for Display Name (the name that appears in the published site) and optionally Internal Name (the name that appears throughout Brightspot).

  5. Toggle on Hide Display Name if you do not want the Display Name to appear on the published site.

  6. For Description, use the rich-text editor to enter text.

  7. Under Lead, click |mi-add_circle_outline| to select one of the available components.

  8. Under Contents, click |mi-add_circle_outline| to select one or more of the available components.

  9. Click |mi-add_circle_outline| under Section or under Package to add this page to an existing section or package. See Content hierarchy for more information about sections and packages.

  10. Click |mi-add_circle_outline| under Brands, Countries, Products, or Topics to add additional information. See Tagging content with a brand, country, product, or topic for additional instructions.

  11. Complete your site's workflow and publish the page.