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Form submission actions

When a visitor fills out a contact form or custom form and clicks Submit, Brightspot ingests the data and can take a variety of actions with it.

Data collection

Brightspot stores the submitted data in a raw format, and your web application can ingest the data as required. Contact your Brightspot representative to explore how you can customize data collection for your organization's needs.


Brightspot sends an email after ingesting the data. You can configure the email to include information that the visitor submitted in the contact form using a command of the form ${parameter-name}. The following example shows how to send an email to a customer service center that includes the visitor's email address.

Step 1: Set parameter value

Create a form with an email text field. (For information about creating a form with an email field, see Text.) Under |mi-more_horiz|> Advanced, in the Parameter field, note or change the value as required.


Step 2: Refer to parameter

Create an email action that uses the parameters.


In the previous illustration, Brightspot populates the email's body using the value visitors-email-address that the visitor entered using the form in Step 1.

External submit

Brightspot can forward a visitor's contact information to an external application. This scenario occurs when your organization manages a sales or technical support effort using an application other than Brightspot.

Procedure. To configure an external form submission action:
  1. Under Actions, click External Submit Action. An Action Link form appears.

  2. Using the following table as a reference, configure the external link and the information sent to it.



Submit Method

GET or POST. For an explanation of these terms, see The Method Attribute. Consult with the external application's developers to determine which of these settings to use.

Main widget


URL of the application that ingests the visitor's data.

Advanced widget


How the visitor's browser displays the response from the external application.

  • Same Window/Tab—Browser displays the external application's response in the same browser window or tab from where the visitor submitted the form. This selection replaces your form with the response.

  • New Window/Tab—Browser displays the external application's response in a new browser window or tab.


Name and value pairs Brightspot appends to the visitor's submitted contact information. You can use this field to collect additional information about the visitor, such as from which site the visitor submitted the form.