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Companion content

Companion content is an asset associated with a video or audio playlist. Brightspot cues the visitor to view the companion content at a specific time during the playlist's playback.


Cues for companion content appear in a right or left rail or "fly in" during the media's playback.

The following steps provide an example for creating a video playlist and associated companion content. The steps are similar for an audio playlist.

Step 1: Create companion content

Create assets, such as articles or blog posts, to which visitors are referred while watching the video.

Step 2: Create a video

  1. Create a video as described in Videos. As you create the video, note the time stamps when you want visitors to see the cues regarding companion content.

  2. In the video's content edit form, under Companion Content, click |mi-add_circle_outline|. A form appears.

  3. Click the selection field; a content picker appears.

  4. Select the items you created in Step 1.

  5. Close the content picker. You return to the form with an entry for each of your selections.

  6. In the Timestamp field for each entry, enter the time stamp in hh:mm:ss format at which the cue appears.

  7. Click Publish.

  8. Repeat steps 1–7 to create additional videos as necessary for inclusion in the playlist.

Step 3: Create a playlist

  1. In the dashboard, in the Quick Start widget, click Playlist. The content edit form appears.

  2. In the Name field, type a name for the playlist.

  3. From the Items list, select Basic.

  4. Click |mi-add_circle_outline|. A selection field appears.

  5. Click |mi-search|. A content picker appears.

  6. Select the videos you prepared in Step 2.

  7. Close the content picker. You return to the content edit form that now has a list containing each video you selected.

  8. Click Publish.

You can view the playlist and companion content at the permalink in the URLs widget.