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An article is a basic content type for publishing text interspersed with graphics or videos.

Procedure. To create an article:
  1. In the header, click in the search field. The search panel appears.

  2. From the Create list, select Article.

  3. Click New. A blank content edit page appears.

  4. Enter text for Headline and Sub Headline.

  5. Click |mi-add_circle_outline| under Authors to add an author.

  6. Under Lead, click |mi-add_circle_outline| to select one of the available components.

  7. For Body, select List (to create a Listicle) or Rich Text.

  8. Click |mi-add_circle_outline| under Section or under Package to add this article to an existing section or package. See Content hierarchy for more information about sections and packages.

  9. Click |mi-add_circle_outline| under Tag to add a tag.

  10. Click |mi-add_circle_outline| under Brands, Countries, Products, or Topics to add additional information. See Tagging content with a brand, country, product, or topic for additional instructions.

  11. Complete your site's workflow and publish the article.