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Overview of notifications

Brightspot's notification system is designed to send useful messages to the right recipients at the right time. The recipient of a notification is an instantiation of the class Receiver. Receivers are typically editors, but they can also be mechanical such as a listserv or a log file. Every receiver has a Set<Subscription> representing the subscriptions. A Subscription describes the what, when, who, and where a notification is sent.

  • The "what" is defined by the subscription's MessageContext, which contains information and metadata about the triggering event. An example of message context is "item 12345 was published."

  • The "when" and "who" are defined by a subscription's Publisher. This class detects when an event happens, assembles the message context, and broadcasts the message context to the receivers.

  • The "where" is defined by a DeliveryOption. Each subscription has a Set<DeliveryOption> representing the different media over which the notification is sent and received. Each delivery option delivers a specific type of Message (email, text, Slack, etc.), and that message can be customized with a MessageFormatter based on the specific subscription and message context.

Brightspot's notification architecture is designed for extensibility, such as the following scenarios:

  • Implement custom delivery options to integrate with third-party messaging services not included with Brightspot.

  • Implement custom subscriptions so that editors receive notifications for custom events and actions in a workflow.

  • Define custom message formatters with branding and content for each delivery option-subscription combination.