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Vagrant directory structure

The following illustration shows some of the dedicated directories in the Vagrant machine.

/ ├── servers/ │ └── brightspot/ │ ├── conf/ │ │ └── context.xml │ └── webapps/ │ └── ROOT.war └── vagrant/ └── target/ ├── classes/ ├── file-name-SNAPSHOT.war ├── generated-sources/ ├── maven-archiver/ └── war/

Figure 124. Vagrant host and guest directory structures

Referring to the previous illustration:

  • The host directory from which you boot the Vagrant machine is available from the guest's directory /vagrant/. If you launched the guest from ~/brightspot-tutorial/init, then the following commands give the same listing:

    • On the host: ls ~/brightspot-tutorial/init/.

    • On the guest: ls /vagrant/.

  • If you cloned Vagrantfile into the parent directory containing Maven's target/ directory, then ls /vagrant/target/ shows the output from the Maven build.

  • The deployed Brightspot war file is at /servers/brightspot/webapps/ROOT.war.

  • The Tomcat configuration file is at /servers/brightspot/conf/context.xml.

Should you need to modify the default configuration in context.xml, the Brightspot base URL is /servers/brightspot/www/.

<Environment name="dari/storage/local/class" value="com.psddev.dari.util.LocalStorageItem" type="java.lang.String" />
<Environment name="dari/storage/local/originBaseUrl" value="http://localhost/storage" type="java.lang.String" />
<Environment name="dari/storage/local/baseUrl" value="/storage" type="java.lang.String" /> 1


Indicates a base URL with the relative path of /storage, which corresponds to the absolute path /servers/brightspot/www/storage/.

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