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Installing Brightspot on the virtual machine
Procedure. To install Brightspot on the preconfigured virtual machine:
  1. Build your Brightspot project: in the root directory, type mvn clean install.

  2. Boot the guest by doing the following:

    1. Change to the directory where you downloaded Vagrantfile.

    2. Type vagrant up. Respond to any prompts.

  3. Log in to the guest: type vagrant ssh. The guest's command prompt is similar to the following:

    vagrant@brightspot-tutorial-init: [brightspot-tutorial-init-development sandbox(dev) 1]
  4. In the guest, change to the directory that maps to the directory where the Brightspot war resides, such as cd /vagrant/target (see the illustration Vagrant host and guest directory structures).

  5. Copy the Brightspot war into the guest directory /servers/brightspot/webapps/, naming the target war file ROOT.war. For example:

    cp /vagrant/express-site-4.2-SNAPSHOT.war /servers/brightspot/webapps/ROOT.war

    Tomcat automatically deploys the war.

  6. Retrieve the guest's IP address: on the guest, type hostname -I. The guest displays addresses similar to the following. Use the address that starts with 172.
  7. (Optional) Map a host name to the host IP address. See Mapping a host name to a virtual IP address.

  8. Start a Brightspot session by pointing a browser to the guest's directory cms, such as If a POC (proof-of-concept) Starter Kit appears, click Skip. A login page similar to the following appears:



If you experience excessively slow performance with either the host OS or the guest Ubuntu OS, you may need to adjust memory allocation in the VirtualBox Manager.