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Importing to Brightspot

External content is imported via the search panel, from which a Brightspot query for an external type is converted to a search on a third-party service.

The following example illustrates a query on an external type called GettyImage. To return images from the Getty third-party service, the query is converted to a HTTP API call to the Getty service. The data returned in the HTTP response is used to create GettyImage objects, which point to the images residing in the Getty repository.


Like any Brightspot object that extends the Content type, an ExternalItem can be viewed in a content edit form, such as the following:


An external type is displayed in a read-only content edit form and cannot be saved as a draft or published to a site. To make an external type publishable, it must be converted to an internal Brightspot type. In the above screen shot, the Import button converts the GettyImage external type to an internal Brightspot Image type. The converted type is then displayed in a writable content edit form with the same edit options as any Content-derived type.