Support and Documentation


Inheritance of classes works in Brightspot as expected in Java. Brightspot does not save instances of abstract classes, such as BaseArticle:

public abstract class BaseArticle extends Content {

    private String headline;

    private Author author;

    private bodyText;


Concrete classes extending an abstract class are available in Brightspot. For example, users can create new instances of the following NewsArticle concrete class.

Example 24. Subclassed content type
public class NewsArticle extends BaseArticle {

    private List<String> newsKeywords;


The Brightspot UI reflects both the base fields and fields derived from parent classes, and allows you to search any of those fields.


The Dari framework provides functionality to assist you in working with inheritance relationships:

  • See FROM for information about searching on abstract classes. To use the above example, you could search on BaseArticle, and the Query API would return all instances that inherit from that base class.


Modifications provide the capability to add new fields to existing classes. They can be used to update classes for which you do not have the source. In addition, modifications can be the best solution for adding new fields to many classes, a solution that leverages Java inheritance.

See Modifications for more information.