Support and Documentation

Introduction to Dari

Dari is a framework that provides the data modeling and access features leveraged by Brightspot. Additionally, you can use Dari with any Java application that requires seamless database access and rapid evolution of data models. Unlike other data frameworks, Dari provides a comprehensive toolset that spans every aspect of how data flows throughout your application. Features include:

  • Support for multiple databases. You can delegate to specific databases for specific needs, for example, Solr for text matching.

  • Data modeling with standard Java types and simple annotations. With Dari, anything can be modeled and accessed with a web view or through an API. A data model can be altered by modifying the Java classes that define it.

  • Debugging tools, including diagrammatic views of data models, on-the-fly code compiling with immediate updates to the runtime environment, database and reindexing tools, and webpage metrics and Dari performance stats.

  • Query API for retrieving objects from databases.

  • File storage APIs for uploading and retrieving files on a local or remote storage location.

  • Tasks system for creating and managing background threads.