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Localizing themes

Theme localization provides the ability to edit or add property values from the Brightspot UI in addition to a developer's properties files.

By default, Brightspot displays Search... as placeholder text in the search bar. Using theme localization, you can display different placeholder text. The following example shows how to change the placeholder text in the search bar.

  1. Following steps 1–3a provided in How to localize a theme, navigate to the localization interface.

  2. In step 3b, leave the locale language to the default English (United States).

  3. In step 3c, do the following:

    1. Under Localizations, click |mi-add_circle_outline|. A form appears.

    2. In the Name field, enter the name of the resource to be modified. In this example, you override a localized property in the Page.hbs template in a theme for the English (United States) locale. Enter /core/page/Page into this field.

    3. Under Entries, click |mi-add_circle_outline|. A form appears.

    4. In the Key field, enter placeholderLabel.

    5. In the Value field, enter the desired display text: What are you looking for today?.

  4. Click Save.

The placeholder text now appears as intended.


To determine localized properties, templates, and labels, contact your Brightspot representative.