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A URL is an address that you type in your browser's address bar, and every item that you publish in Brightspot has its own unique URL. The base portion of a URL typically starts with http:// or https:// followed by a domain name. The following table describes the different types of base URLs you can assign to each of your sites.

Type of base URL


Site URL

Base portion of a URL a visitor uses to retrieve one of your published items.

Preview URL

Base portion of a URL used to preview content when using a headless environment.

Tool URL

Base portion of a URL that editors use to log in to Brightspot.

For example, Sally is a voracious reader and an even more voracious writer. She was hired by Extraterrestrial Cuisine, a media giant that has three publications—Moon Munchies, Venus Victuals, and Martian Menus—and Sally is publishing content to all three. The following table shows how Extraterrestrial Cuisine has set up its domain names:


Base URL



Tool URL

Moon Munchies

Site URL

Venus Victuals

Site URL

Martian Menus

Site URL

When Sally comes to work every morning, she logs in to Brightspot using the address Whenever she works on an article, she sees URLs similar to the following in her browser—regardless to which site she is publishing content.


Visitors who want to read one of her articles see a URL similar to the following in their browsers.