Support and Documentation


Tags are a way for content teams to add additional metadata to an asset, and they can be used in two ways:

  • A tag can be applied to assets.

  • A tag can be its own page that lists associated assets.

Below is a brief description of tag fields.

  • Display Name: This required field is the title of the tag for front-end audiences. The field itself is a tiny rich-text editor (meaning it supports simple formatting like italics). The text that a user inputs into this field is automatically used by Brightspot to populate the asset’s URL, the asset’s SEO metatitle, as well as the asset’s internal Promo Title (how this asset will display around the site itself, such as in dynamic modules) and external Share Title (how this asset will appear on other websites, like if a user shares it on a social network). You can choose to write custom text for any of those placements, but Brightspot automatically populates those fields with the Display Name to be helpful.

  • Hide Display Name: Toggles whether the display name is displayed on the front end.

  • Internal Name: This field displays tags in search results.

  • Description: You can add a text description of the tag. Text input in this field is passed to the front end.

  • Parent: Parent setting allows the creation of a parent/child hierarchy structure of Tag.  A tag can only belong to one parent.

  • Hidden: A toggle that determines whether the tag will be hidden from display on asset pages and modules (which is helpful for tags that are new and do not warrant dedicated pages, or for internal organization).

  • Lead: Tags support placement of a Lead, which can be an image or a video. The front end will dictate what the selected option will look like. When the Lead is used, it will appear along with the dynamic results (i.e., all the content assets that match a given tag).

  • Content: Tags support the placement of a variety of modules. This field allows you to determine where these modules display on the tag page (Add After, Add Before, or Replace).