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Content templates

A content template is a mechanism for automatically populating a content edit form for a given content type. For example, if every article headline starts with Breaking News, you can create a template for articles that includes that text in the headline. Using this template, editors do not need to type Breaking News every time they create an article.

There are two types of content templates:

  • Default template—These templates populate the content edit form for the underlying content type. For example, if you have a default template for articles, when you create a new article, Brightspot automatically populates the fields using the template.

  • Extra template—These templates are replications of an underlying content type with a different name and with populated fields. For example, you can create an extra template UrgentArticle based on articles, and populate the new template's fields with text. You can then create a new item of type Urgent Article from the Quick Start widget, and Brightspot populates the content edit form with the template's values.