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Listicles are designed for use when a publisher wants to tell a story in list format—a list of top restaurants, or best museums to visit, or great sports teams.

Listicles are a variation of Article; in fact, the two are almost exactly the same, and to understand what is included in the Listicle as far as fields, we recommend that you start with the Articles explainer.

What is unique about a Listicle happens in the Body field. To publish the list item title, a user would need to highlight the title text, locate the Format icon on the rich text editor, then select subhead. That formatting option will then treat the list item titles differently on the site itself.

If they are so similar, why are these two separate content types? In our experience building sites for content business publishers, it is often helpful—both in the CMS itself as well as on the front end—to separate articles and listicles. For one, a user might want to create a list of only articles or only listicles (for example, “Our Site’s 10 Most Popular Listicles This Year”). Typically, the look and feel of an article and listicle will also vary quite a bit.