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An author is information about a contributor to a site that can be displayed on a page by itself, and can also be associated with another asset, such as an article to serve as attribution. Generally speaking, the author is credited as the creator of an asset.

Here's an overview of the most important fields on author, and how they behave:

  • Name: This is a required field, meant to be populated with the author's full name.

  • First Name and Last Name: These fields are optional, and yes, they are duplicative of the Name field—they are included for use cases in which there is a need to display a list of authors in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Image: This field supports the upload of an image directly from a user's local storage, or a user can search and locate an image that already exists in Brightspot.

The next set of fields are included to support the featuring of more information about a given author, such as Title, Affiliation, and Email. These are optional, and included only if a site wants to present more information about their authors or allow them to be contacted.

Last but not least, the author asset includes the ability to publish a Short Biography and a Long Biography about the author. Why are there two? Short Biography is included for placements that call for a brief blurb (such as at the end of an asset the author has created), whereas Full Biography is included for use on the author's dedicated page. Both fields are rich text and can support hyperlinks to other assets or work by the author.