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Uploading and editing an image

In this tutorial, you upload an image to Brightspot from your computer and then do some graphic editing. Before starting this tutorial, verify you have a graphic that you can upload to Brightspot.

  1. In the Quick Start widget, click Image. A content edit page appears.

  2. From the File list, select New Upload.

  3. Click Choose, and navigate to the graphic you want to upload.

  4. In the Title field, enter a title.

  5. Click |mi-save| to save the image.

  6. In the image preview, click |mi-brush|. The image editor appears.

  7. Under Edit, do the following:

    1. Under Rotate/Flip, click the icons to rotate or flip the image.

    2. Under Brightness and Contrast, move the sliders to adjust the image's colors.

    3. Under Filters, use the toggles to adjust the image's colors.

  8. Click Done. You return to the content edit page.

  9. Click |mi-save| to save the image.