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How to make a hat
  1. From the Navigation Menu, expand Admin, and select Sites & Settings.

  2. Select the site for which you want to configure a hat.

  3. Under Front-End, expand Layout.

  4. From the Hat list, select one of the following:

    • Inherit—Inherits the hat from the parent level in the content hierarchy. If you select this option, skip to step 14.

    • None—Removes a hat that may be inherited from the parent level. If you select this option, skip to step 14.

    • Select—Replaces the hat inherited from the parent level. A selection field appears.

  5. Click |mi-add_circle_outline|. A selection field appears.

  6. Click |mi-search|. A content picker appears.

  7. Click New Rich Text Hat. A content edit page appears.

  8. In the Internal Name field, enter a name for the hat. Brightspot uses this name in various widgets, such as Recent Activity or search results.

  9. In the Text field, enter text and formatting as required.

  10. If you need to adjust the contrast between the hat and the page it's on, do the following:

    1. Expand Page Header Text Hat Styles.

    2. From the Template list, select Page Hat.

    3. From the Background Color Or Image, Text Color, and Enhancement Alignment lists, select formatting that gives good contrast with the page.

  11. Click Save.

  12. Click Back. You return to the content picker.

  13. Select an existing hat or the hat you just created. You return to the Hat field.

  14. Click Save.

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