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How to make a contact form module
  1. In the header, click |mi-add|.

  2. From the Create list, select Contact Form. A blank content edit page appears.

  3. In the Internal Name field, enter a name for the form. Brightspot uses this name in various widgets, such as Recent Activity or search results.

  4. In the Title field, enter the form's title.

  5. In the Description field, enter the form's description.

  6. Under Items, design your form by doing the following:

    1. Remove existing fields by clicking |mi-remove|.

    2. Order the fields by hovering over |mi-crop_din| and dragging |mi-open_with|.

    3. Modify fields by expanding the form and making settings for label, description, type, placeholder, and required as necessary.

    4. Add fields by clicking |mi-add_circle_outline| and selecting one of the following:

  7. Under Actions, configure what Brightspot does with the submitted data; click |mi-add_circle_outline| and select one or more of the following:

    • Data Collection Action—Saves the submitted data into an external file. An external application can read the file into a database.

    • Email Action—Sends an email containing the form's data to a specified address, such as an email address for a sales representative. For details, see Email.

    • External Submit Action—Submits the form data to an Internet address. For details, see External submit.

    Your form looks similar to the following:

  8. In the Success Message field, design a message that appears when Brightspot successfully ingests the form's data.

  9. In the Error message field, design a message that appears when Brightspot cannot successfully ingest the form's data.

  10. Click Publish.

  11. Click Back. You return to the content picker.

  12. Click the form you just created, and close the content picker.

  13. Complete your site's workflow and publish the item.