Version Numbering

Our version numbering schemes are different for the 3.2.x Releases and the 3.3.x Releases releases.

3.2.x Releases

All 3.2.x releases reside in the following GitHub Releases pages for Dari and Brightspot:

Using the Brightspot CMS release page as an example, you can see that the latest release is defined as “3.2 - Patch Release #12”, also referred to as “3.2.12”, indicating the 12th release of 3.2. The same version number applies to the corresponding Dari release, in that Dari 3.2.12 was released at the same time as Brightspot CMS 3.2.12.

For each release, there is a Git tag name. Again, using Brightspot CMS as the example, the latest release tag version number is v3.2.7178-2110f8.


The tag version number consists of three parts:

  • The first part, 3.2, is the major.minor version.

  • The second part, 7178, corresponds to the number of the Travis build that generated the release. As the release numbers increase, so do the Travis build numbers, but the amount in between releases vary. For example, the Travis build number for release 3.2.11 was 7134, so there were 44 snapshot builds in between the 3.2.11 and 3.2.12 releases.

  • The third part, 2110f8, is the first six characters of the Git commit hash corresponding to the last commit that went into the release. You can view the commit by appending six characters to the Git repository URL, for example:

The tag links to the release source page with the pom.xml. The tag version number is reflected in the pom’s maven dependencies (minus the leading “v”).

3.3.x Releases

For the 3.3 line of releases, version numbering for releases and components are reflected in the Maven bill of materials POM, also referred to as the BOM.

The release number is expressed in a major.minor.patch format, where major.minor identifies the release line and patch identifies the incremental build. In the following BOM, the release is 3.3.22, where 3.3 is the major.minor version and 22 is the patch identifier. The 3.3.22 release can also be expressed as “3.3 - Patch Release #22”. Patch numbers are usually incremented by one from one release build to the next.


Each component (Dari, Brightspot, plugins, etc.) in the release has its own unique version number, all managed by the BOM. For example, this snippet from the BOM shows the version number for the conversation plugin.

<!--  conversation  -->

Component versions use the following format:

<major>.<minor>.<# of commits>-<commit hash>

For example, the conversation plugin version is 1.1.49-0517a7, where:

  • major version: 1
  • minor version: 1
  • # of commits (patch version): 49
  • commit hash: 0517a7

With a BOM, you do not have to specify version numbers for Brightspot-related dependencies. For more information, see Upgrading Brightspot Version.

As an alternative to the BOM, you can find version information in the Brightspot editorial UI.