• [BSP-3864] - Scheduling Issues > Secondary Schedule does not hold (Draft or Revision)
  • [BSP-4109] - Cannot register more than one plugin on the same element
  • [BSP-4173] - Hotspots don't work when the hotspot contains one repeatable input
  • [BSP-4246] - Content Forms Dropdown Isn't Typeahead / Searchable
  • [BSP-4254] -   Appearing in "Published By" Tool Message
  • [BSP-4301] - Hotspots appear in duplicate when loading an image that already contains hotspots, making the editorial experience extremely confusing
  • [BSP-4305] - Revisions widget view all page is not showing the right results
  • [BSP-4319] - Apple Numbers files aren't recognized correctly causing errors during upload