v3.3.30.x to v.3.3.33.x

The following are release notes for all releases starting with v3.3.30.1, released on June 1, 2018, and ending with v3.3.33.12, released on July 31, 2019. The most recent release is at the top.

v3.3.33.12 release

Release date: July 31, 2019

Defects addressed

For YouTube videos, the thumbnail stopped displaying on the frontend due to an issue with requested data from YouTube. For a valid YouTube video URL, Brightspot now creates a video object that continues to be published regardless of failed attempts to contact YouTube. Filed under: YouTube

Uploading a video from Brightcove caused an exception and the import failed without notice. Brightspot now makes multiple attempts to import until successful. Filed under: Brightcove

v3.3.33.7 release

Release date: May 31, 2019

Defect addressed

Unauthorized users were able to access account information other than their own. Proper access has been restored. Filed under: permissions

v3.3.33.3 release

Release date: March 20, 2019

Defect addressed

When searching for images by color, some colors were not recognized as one of the top five colors; these colors have been added. Filed under: color filter

v3.3.33.2 release

Release date: February 28, 2019


Brightspot natively includes wildcard and truncation capabilities in search, and now you have the ability to manually set up wildcard search and truncation search as follows:

  • Wildcard is represented by ? or #. To use the ? wildcard, enter a search term and replace each unknown character with ?. Brightspot returns all results of that word with the ? replaced by a letter. For example, type ne?t to find neat, nest, and next as results. To use the # wildcard, enter a search term, adding # in places where an alternative spelling may contain an extra character. Brightspot returns all results of the word that appear with or without the extra character.
  • Truncation is represented by *. To use truncation, enter the root of a search term and replace the ending with * . For example, enter bright* to find brightspot (and any other term that begins with the root bright). You can also use * between two words to return results that include a phrase. For example, enter content*system and the results include content management system. Filed under: search

Using Brightspot search, you can now specify a minimum term occurrence such as “hello”>3 which shows results if hello appears more than three times, or you can search for an approximate phrase such as “hello world”~3 which shows results if hello appears within three words of world. Filed under: search

v3.3.33.0 release

Release date: January 14, 2019

New feature

There is new Revision History widget accessible under the gear icon. Filed under: revisions


Homepage variations are now captured in the revision history, so you can revert to older versions. Filed under: homepage

You can now exclude a specific asset from the results of a dynamic list. Filed under: list

Only one update or correction was being displayed on the frontend for an article or press release; articles and press releases can now have many updates and corrections and all display for visitors. Filed under: revisions

In Styleguide, defining a style variation previously required both a template (path to a .hbs file) and example (path to a .json file) or the build would fail. Defining a template is no longer necessary for the Styleguide build. Filed under: Styleguide

Defects addressed

At the start of the task to re-create a sitemap, the existing sitemap was deleted. If visitors attempted to view the sitemap while it was being created, they saw an error (404) message. The existing sitemap is now retained until the new sitemap is published. Filed under: sitemap

HTTP requests to DIMS were being redirected to HTTPS and causing user profile images to appear incorrectly. The request is now routed through HTTP and the user profile image displays correctly. Filed under: user profile

Field-level locking failed to lock a field or display a message after the Image Option field was edited. Field-level locking now works as expected. Filed under: locking

When copying content that contained a dynamic list, an error occurred, which has been addressed. Filed under: list

When an Ad module contained an ad that was the same size as other ads published for that site or another site in Brightspot, the ad was not appearing on the frontend. Multiple ads of the same size are now supported. Filed under: ad module

With the Access plugin enabled, the options for Content Substitution and Internal Redirect types (under Admin > Sites & Settings > [Site] > Front-End > Access) were disabled; they are now enabled as expected. Filed under: site setting

Empty key-value pairs in Dari settings now throw an error and do not save instead of saving and causing the CMS to be unusable. Filed under: Dari

Saving credentials entered in Sites & Settings for the Brightcove Editorial Setup resulted in an error that has been resolved. Filed under: Brightcove

A revision in a workflow status was incorrectly listed in the References widget and is now shown correctly. Filed under: References widget, workflow

Adding companion content to a scheduled video and rescheduling the video resulted in an error message and a duplicate timestamp field; this error has been addressed. Filed under: video, schedule

v3.3.32.13 release

Release date: July 9, 2019


A user accidentally changed the permalink of a published item, causing an error on the frontend. With this release, if the original existing asset is live, the URLs widget no longer has the Generate Permalink button that can potentially override the existing URL. Once an asset is published, the URL must be manually edited or added. Filed under: permalink

Defect addressed

Attempting to publish a previous revision generated an error, which has been addressed. Filed under: revisions

v3.3.32.9 release

Release date: April 15, 2019

Defect addressed

When a user without permission to use the Sites or URLs widgets published an item, some of the item’s fields were cleared. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: URL

v3.3.32.8 release

Release date: March 8, 2019

Defects addressed

Saving a revision of an article resulted in errors; this defect was addressed. Filed under: revisions

When a user shared a preview of a revision of the listicle, it did not show the correct content. The correct content now displays. Filed under: listicle

v3.3.32.1 release

Release date: October 15, 2018

Defect addressed

The preview was not showing the correct version of the draft that the user had selected from the revision history but rather was showing the latest version. The selected version now displays in the preview. Filed under: revisions, preview

v3.3.32.0 release

Release date: September 14, 2018

New features

You can now locate Giphy gifs in federated search, preview the metadata, and import them as images into Brightspot. Filed under: Giphy

You can now locate Vimeo videos in federated search, preview the metadata, and import them as videos into Brightspot. Filed under: Vimeo


You can now make a copy of a content template that is a draft or published. For example, if you create a content template for a page and want to make a variation of that page, you can start by copying the existing content template. Filed under: content template

When the entries in a submission form are exported to a .csv file, the submission date for each entry is now included to make it easier to process and track data. Filed under: submission form

Previously Brightspot supported publishing a video with the same URL from a video provider such as YouTube on only one site. You can now publish the same video on multiple sites. Filed under: video

To support disabling the inline editor for all sites, there are now options in Global for Disabled, All Content, and Only Main Content. Filed under: site setting

It is now possible to reset a user’s two-factor authentication. Filed under: authentication

On the user/role dashboard, a new column called Last Login Date has been added. You can sort by this column. Because last login date is a newly tracked field, you will see N/A in place of an actual date until the users logs in again. Filed under: user account

Defects addressed

If there were more than 10 items with comments in a Community widget, a pagination button appeared in the top right. Upon clicking the pagination button, the widget disappeared. It now functions as expected. Filed under: community

When trying to approve a comment via a workflow in the Community widget, an error was logged and the comment not approved. That error has been addressed. Filed under: community

When using a Site Search Results widget on the dashboard, clicking the pagination to show more results caused an error. Clicking the pagination now shows more results as expected. Filed under: CMS search

After archiving a workflow, it was no longer visible. Archived workflows are now shown in the list of workflows as expected. Filed under: workflow, archive

v3.3.31.4 release

Release date: June 26, 2019

Defect addressed

Attempting to open the unpublished draft content for an asset from the Revision History widget caused an error which has been addressed. Filed under: revisions

v3.3.31.3 release

Release date: September 12, 2018


The timeout for story locking has been revised. The inactivity timeout default is two minutes, and the hard timeout is eight hours. In other words, if a user is viewing an asset and it is locked and there is no activity for two minutes then the asset is automatically unlocked. An asset is automatically unlocked after eight hours regardless of the amount of activity that has or is occurring with that asset, and the locking user is notified via an informational message and work in progress is saved if enabled. Filed under: locking

Defect addressed

A user who owns an article was editing it in multiple tabs. Another user attempted to edit the article and it was locked as expected. When the article owner closed all the tabs except one, the article was unexpectedly unlocked and another user could edit it. Locks now work as expected regardless of the number of tabs open. Filed under: locking

v3.3.31.0 release

Release date: July 26, 2018

New feature

Brightspot now has a Public Profile page on which you can place distinct modules such a dynamic link. Filed under: user profile

Live Wheel, which was formerly a field that could be enabled on a playlist, is now its own content type. A Live Wheel is a playlist that will continually loop, mimicking a repeating TV broadcast. A start time is required; it is the date and time picker for when the playlist begins. For example, you create a two-hour long playlist consisting of ten videos with the start time of 12 pm. A visitor views the asset at 1:17 pm. Brightspot delivers whatever video is located at 1 hour and 17 minutes into the playlist, which will most likely be in the middle of a video. Filed under: live wheel

Homepage is now its own content type. Filed under: homepage


Section and Tag pages now support action bar. Filed under: tag, section

The Save Draft button has been renamed to Start New Revision for clarity. Filed under: revisions

A history of video consumption is now captured in the User Profile for visitors when they are logged in. This allows logged in visitors to return to videos started and not completed. Filed under: user profile

There is now advanced search capability on the frontend that allows for the use of quotation marks. Filed under: search

Defects addressed

A sitemap with UTF-8 characters was not being encoded; the sitemap now works as expected. Filed under: sitemap

A color was identifiable by reviewing the image but was not present in the Color Circles field on an asset page or the Colors filter option in search. Colors now appear as expected. Filed under: color filter

Attempting to save an article with a Salesforce ID produced an error; this has been fixed. Filed under: article

When adding YouTube videos as an enhancement in the rich-text editor in an article, only a box was displaying. The actual video now displays as expected. Filed under: YouTube

The Search Analytics widget was displaying the results from all sites; it now displays only the results for the current site. Filed under: analytics

Content forms set to be site-specific were impacting additional sites. Site-specific content forms are now only available on the site specified. Filed under: content form

When new content was added while working in a workstream, the number that indicates tasks remaining was failing to update correctly. The number is now accurately reported. Filed under: workstream

When a form was disabled in a site’s settings, it was still appearing as a content option on the site. This has been fixed. Filed under: form

v3.3.30.10 release

Release date: October 18, 2018

Defect addressed

A parent section could not be added to another section. Nested sections now work as expected. Filed under: section

v3.3.30.7 release

Release date: July 20, 2018

Defect addressed

Embargoed content sometimes appeared in search results on the frontend in Brightspot. This content is now excluded from search on the frontend. Filed under: embargo

v3.3.30.6 release

Release date: June 28, 2018


Brightspot now supports a video lead promo. Filed under: video, promo

Defect addressed

Errors found for Instagram posts in Google AMP have been fixed. Filed under: Google AMP

v3.3.30.5 release

Release date: June 25, 2018


To provide more flexibility on creating titles on the lead carousel promo, there are now two different headline sizes offered as options. On the Overrides tab from the Title Size drop-down menu, the options are Default (46 px and bold) or Large (80 px and bold). Filed under: promo

The affinity actions (i.e., Bookmark, Favorite, Follow) only rendered in an action bar for authenticated visitors. The affinity actions now appear in the action bar for all visitors. If a visitor is not logged in, upon clicking an action, the login page opens. Filed under: affinity actions

There is a new plain text field Biography for the User content type. Each user configures a biography in the user profile. Anyone with access to the Edit User page is able to view and alter other users’ biographies. Filed under: user plugin

Defect addressed

While typing in the rich-text editor, text was sometimes disappearing; this has been fixed. Filed under: rich-text editor

v3.3.30.4 release

Release date: June 15, 2018

Defect addressed

URLs with non-Latin letters and Latin uppercase letters were not loading, instead showing a 404 error. Non-Latin letters and Latin uppercase letters can now be used in URLs. Filed under: URL

v3.3.30.3 release

Release date: June 11, 2018

Defect addressed

When a visitor typed a partial term or phrase, the expected results were not returned. For example, searching for “share” did not return “shareholder letter.” The partial search now works as expected. Filed under: search

v3.3.30.1 release

Release date: June 1, 2018

Defect addressed

Clicking the video title instead of the video in a playlist sometimes caused the wrong video to load and play. The correct video will now play when the title is clicked. Filed under: video, playlist