• [BSP-469] - Modification classes can't be extended
  • [BSP-3339] - Work in progress listing errors when the originating content doesn't exist
  • [BSP-3532] - Flipped images do not hold the proper crop
  • [BSP-3743] - Content form should not display fields that have been hidden through localization
  • [BSP-3775] - Rich text sometimes renders duplicates
  • [BSP-3777] - Styleguide configured with multiple levels of theming takes abnormally long period of time to run
  • [BSP-3787] - Style overrides don't show in many cases
  • [BSP-3796] - Theming a component that's already themed doesn't work

New Feature

  • [BSP-3648] - Add device targets to segmentation plugin that work with native
  • [BSP-3667] - Create a plugin that provides RSS feeds
  • [BSP-3724] - Make page views field configurable so that it can be populated by different integrations
  • [BSP-3753] - Add styling support to the native plugin
  • [BSP-3786] - Provide decaying counter data structure
  • [BSP-3800] - Add action bar related native components


  • [BSP-3769] - Rename various device related types in segmentation to be more accurate
  • [BSP-3784] - Add title to the native section component
  • [BSP-3785] - Make styleguide code generator faster
  • [BSP-3790] - Decrease the time it takes to detect a local styleguide server when the address is already in use
  • [BSP-3802] - Community member content and affinity should be read only
  • [BSP-3805] - Allow adding new templates to source theme