• Share preview link doesn't work when the application isn't deployed at root
  • Global Content Discovery Access Requests widget errors when deleting a content with status of pending, approved, or rejected
  • External redirects on access substitution errors
  • Code generator doesn't allow mixing string and list in some cases
  • Scheduled Posts in Social Publishing widget should be hidden unless there are scheduled posts
  • URL in instructions for setting up Twitter social publishing is wrong
  • Weight percentage values display incorrectly in a collection of mixed types
  • Styleguide can't override files that originate from a theme of a theme

New Feature

  • Allow control over visibility of various components within the UI


  • Character count in rich text editor is sometimes inflated when it contains enhancements
  • Deprecate PageStage APIs
  • Can't create a paginated result widget that searches over instances of an interface
  • Provide easy way to manipulate markup of ContentEditWidget
  • Sitemap plugin should be part of Brightspot release