• [BSP-3713] - Notifications: Archiving a conversations widget posts triggers a notification
  • [BSP-3727] - Notifications: silent NPE in logfile when attempting to send verification email
  • [BSP-3747] - Browser Pub Notifications: They Can't, They Won't and They Don't Stop!
  • [BSP-4238] - Shared Videos and Modules in the Lead field render as Figures (instead of a video or module)
  • [BSP-4391] - Author PromotableDescription returns empty string instead of falling back to first paragraph of full biography
  • [BSP-4413] - Format API doesn't work with "sourced" templates without an existing .properties file
  • [BSP-4602] - Video has two ViewModels for OpenGraphMetaView
  • [BSP-4626] - Homepage: Missing placeholder image on doc/spreadsheet/ppt in Featured Assets module.
  • [BSP-4637] - The Recent Activity Widget Is Busted on Smaller Screens
  • [BSP-4653] - Canvas: Grid Four and Grid Two List Style Icon Issues
  • [BSP-4657] - Predefined Form breaks CMS
  • [BSP-4680] - Asset expiration notification issues
  • [BSP-4689] - Viewing UGC Submission Opens a Blank Form
  • [BSP-4696] - Forms: Email Action doesn't correctly substitute form parameter values in email body

New Feature

  • [BSP-3708] - Add "new notification" indicator in the CMS that lists recent notifications.
  • [BSP-4176] - Contact Us Form Asset


  • [BSP-3726] - Notifications: Email verification should present a better note instead of a pink error
  • [BSP-4409] - Slack / Conversation Mentions Should Link Back to the CMS
  • [BSP-4587] - Show: Rename "Title" Field to Name
  • [BSP-4588] - Season: Field Ordering Changes
  • [BSP-4589] - Franchise: Rename "Title" Field to Name
  • [BSP-4590] - Episode: Rename "Title" Field to Name
  • [BSP-4591] - Special: Rename "Title" Field to Name
  • [BSP-4628] - Eclipse: Make "Page" available content type
  • [BSP-4644] - POC Request: Add Translate Widget to Article
  • [BSP-4645] - Improve error handling when there is a source mismatch.