• Saving a draft shouldn't trigger any of the events bound to the original object
  • Error shortly after server startup, Can't query [com.psddev.cms.db.ToolUser] using [loginTokens/token]! (com.psddev.dari.db.Query$NoFieldException)
  • Localize message & Character Counts
  • Implementation of Hierarchy/Classification inconsistent
  • POC Plugin - When disabled, the Web Page Ingestor area should not be displayed
  • Using CUT causes Track Changes styled Markup
  • Preview shows RTE code comments if logged into the CMS
  • Eclipse: Collection page javascript errors
  • Eclipse: Collection bar arrows are not visible in IE11
  • Twitter image needs to use ImageSizeAPI
  • Eclipse: Asset page "Add To Collection" and "Remove from Collection" buttons alignment issues
  • Action Bar: If a headline has an ampersand in the title, text after the ampersand gets truncated
  • Eclipse: Downstream icon Mismatch on Asset Thumbnails vs. Collection Bar Thumbnails
  • News: UpdateStory order incorrect
  • Eclipse: Image is not of fixed height in Eight Column Carousel
  • Editorially configured list modules in DAM don't show all promotable data
  • Broadcast types do not return promotableType and promotableDuration; Clip, Episode, and Special return both promotableImage and promotableImageFallback

New Feature

  • Form Builder / Form Object
  • Form Page
  • Uploader
  • Canvas Theme: Auth


  • Documentation: brightspot.vimeo
  • Make Employee part of sitemap
  • Themes: Canvas - Improve Theme Styleguide
  • Bring DAM Code Into Core Express
  • Make SAML plugin part of the official Brightspot releases
  • Page: Swap Package & Section Fields in Editing UI
  • Syndicated Page: Swap Package & Section Fields in Editing UI
  • Ingestor - Enable YouTube Ingestor
  • Broadcast taxonomy should be Shareable