• [BSP-4032] - Taxon view is not present in object picker, only global search
  • [BSP-4187] - Action Bar: Email option: Body field changes
  • [BSP-4296] - Image Crop on JPG with rotation Exif produces incorrect crop output
  • [BSP-4306] - Email action bar item throwing error when the content it's attached to is not shareable
  • [BSP-4386] - Cascading module placements don't explain what's going on when "None" is in the inheritance chain.
  • [BSP-4471] - og:image should always be specified even if there is no available image at the asset level
  • [BSP-4473] - Twitter meta tags not showing up
  • [BSP-4483] - FeedFilter NPE - negation of null Boolean from SiteSettings
  • [BSP-4490] - OpenGraph title and description meta tags are missing


  • [BSP-3942] - Documentation: brightspot.blog.blog
  • [BSP-4011] - Documentation: brightspot.auth.module
  • [BSP-4276] - Clean up email body in email share action view model
  • [BSP-4336] - Order of social links in footer should be configurable
  • [BSP-4488] - Allow projects to set timezone for Analytics exports
  • [BSP-4515] - Refactor Web Page ingestion for wider use.