• [BSP-3404] - Unable to log into CMS on http domain after logging in via https
  • [BSP-3795] - Repeated Log Warnings "Can't communicate with MySQL as a slave!"
  • [BSP-3865] - Certain style overrides show up everywhere with some themes
  • [BSP-4189] - Make Twitter Cards use Large Summary by default
  • [BSP-4191] - Author pages are showing error messages related to Twitter Cards
  • [BSP-4414] - Themes: Update Logo in Footer to Inherit footerLogo Element
  • [BSP-4433] - Native app doesn't work with URLs with uppercase characters.
  • [BSP-4439] - RSS content encoded shouldn't escape xml
  • [BSP-4451] - Work Stream is repeating the same piece of content after publishing

New Feature

  • [BSP-2196] - Need a way to determine Brightspot version through CMS UI (now that debug is gone for users without prod beam access)
  • [BSP-4153] - Google AMP
  • [BSP-4230] - Twitter Card metadata implementation
  • [BSP-4337] - Analytics Dashboard
  • [BSP-4419] - POC ingestion framework


  • [BSP-3718] - Refactor reporting plugin
  • [BSP-4003] - Documentation: brightspot.bn.navigation
  • [BSP-4004] - Documentation: brightspot.bn.tool
  • [BSP-4005] - Documentation: brightspot.bn.util
  • [BSP-4214] - Improve Open Graph and Facebook Meta Tag Support
  • [BSP-4404] - CommunityContentEditWidget improvements
  • [BSP-4466] - Add links to our documentation site from the Styleguide's header