• [BSP-2835] - D3 JS errors when open/close content edit popup
  • [BSP-3737] - Track Changes RTE issues
  • [BSP-3774] - Styleguide resolves relative {{include}} incorrectly when overriding a template and theming a theme
  • [BSP-3816] - Getty Image is selectable type in bulk upload
  • [BSP-3848] - RTE Preview Request URL too long - Image enhancement with One-Off Image
  • [BSP-4114] - If Short Description field is empty, Description Overrides fields should default to Full Description
  • [BSP-4116] - List Module Should Include Blog as a Selection
  • [BSP-4128] - Share Bar: Image broken when sharing via Pinterest
  • [BSP-4171] - Update RSS settings tab, check if plugin is disabled and fix feed url
  • [BSP-4275] - PinterestShareButton should use https instead of http
  • [BSP-4282] - Navigation: Default to Internal links
  • [BSP-4284] - Multiple Duplicative Types Display When Creating a Type-Specific Action Bar
  • [BSP-4302] - Seeing NPE when filtering by type in CMS search
  • [BSP-4310] - Clip|Employee|Franchise|SpecialPermalinkRule should implement ExpressDefaultPermalinkRule, not DefaultPermalinkRule
  • [BSP-4327] - Example JSON files can't be overridden in a theme
  • [BSP-4333] - Sharing to Pinterest form the Action Bar uses the Subheadline field, instead of the headline
  • [BSP-4340] - Brightspot Frontend Uploader doesn't support Storage Name defined in StorageItemSetting
  • [BSP-4351] - Analytics plugin causes CMS UI to become unusably slow
  • [BSP-4376] - Download File shows up as bulk uploadable type when Corporate is disabled via plugins
  • [BSP-4377] - Video is showing up as bulk uploadable type, even though there is no direct file field to upload to
  • [BSP-4378] - Bulk Upload markup is not correct

New Feature

  • [BSP-3328] - Provide API to perform localization from handlebars templates without requiring ViewModel
  • [BSP-3859] - Create capability to receive Facebook login access token from IOS and Android device
  • [BSP-4170] - Provide the ability to specify default / available styles for a given content type
  • [BSP-4299] - Native App: Toggle on/off for Push Notifications


  • [BSP-3649] - Audiences & Segmentation: Content Type View Count
  • [BSP-4025] - Documentation: brightspot.community.page
  • [BSP-4344] - Add New Fields to Document: Date Uploaded & Keywords
  • [BSP-4345] - Add New Fields to Spreadsheet: Date Uploaded & Keywords
  • [BSP-4346] - Add New Fields to Presentation: Date Uploaded & Keywords
  • [BSP-4368] - Remove Selections Widget and Update Naming of DAM Navigation Items