• Bulk operations database debug tool has bad links to the task page after form submission
  • Time zone setting isn't honored in many cases
  • Importing Kaltura live stream should fail gracefully if the account doesn't have access to that functionality
  • Users without permission to global can see it under sites admin
  • Paths aren't created when implemented through the Augmentation system
  • Images imported from Getty on a site should only be available on that site
  • Editing a theme should open in the admin area
  • Global content isn't accessible in content edit page
  • Dynamic notes don't work in user profile

New Feature

  • Support authentication via Twitter
  • Add push notification support to native plugin
  • Refactor community plugin


  • Theming a theme should be supported
  • Styled templates should be hideable
  • Document access plugin
  • Improve how Styleguide is configured so that it's not so verbose