Dari provides the Reloader, which eliminates the need to rebuild and redeploy your Brightspot application after making changes in the source project. When the Reloader detects changes to any type of file in the source project, it reloads the file into the Tomcat servlet container. Java source files are first compiled by the Reloader.

The Dari framework notifies the web browser when the source project is updated. The first time you update your source project, a prompt to install the Reloader appears in the top right of the Dari Tools page or the Brightspot application page:


For subsequent updates to the source project, a Reloader notification message appears.


If after updating your project you do not get the Reloader prompt or message, try the following:

  • refresh the web page
  • add ?_reload=true to the end of the URL of the Dari Tools page or the Brightspot application page

The Reloader is automatically deployed in the webapps directory of Tomcat.