Viewing SiteMaps

A sitemap is represented by a SiteMap object, which can be retrieved from the database. The easiest way to list all of the generated sitemaps is to use the Database Query tool.

  1. Navigate to Dari Standard Tools: http://brightspot-host/_debug/.

  2. Click Database: Query.

  3. In the All Types drop-down, select Site Map (com.psddev.sitemap.SiteMap) and click Run.

    Sitemaps generated for all sites are listed.


    The type of the sitemap is indicated by the sitemap name.

    Standard sitemap.xml
    News news-sitemap.xml
    Video video-sitemap.xml

    A sitemap database record is limited to a maximum entry size. If that size is exceeded, multiple sitemap records are saved in order to capture all of the entries. When this happens, Brightspot does the following:

    • Generates multiple sitemap XML files identified by consecutive numbers, for example, sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml, sitemap3.xml and so on. Collectively, all of the numbered sitemap XML files reflect all of the pages on the site.

    • Generates a sitemap XML file that serves as an index to the numbered XML files. The index file directs web crawlers to the numbered sitemap XML files. In the following example, sitemap.xml is an index file referencing the numbered sitemap XML files for a site:

      <sitemapindex xmlns="">
  4. To view a sitemap, click its link. The sitemap appears in JSON format.


    The sitemap data is in an unreadable format. However, using the sitemap URL at the top of the pop-up window, you can view the sitemap XML file from a web browser.

  5. To view the sitemap XML, open another browser window and enter the URL in the address bar.


    The sitemap XML is displayed.