The Sitemap plugin generates sitemaps in the Sitemaps XML format. The plugin can create standard sitemaps that are generated once every 24 hours for every site (excluding the Global site). A standard sitemap lists all of the web pages on a site for all content types.

The plugin can also create the following content-specific sitemaps that support Google’s search engine web crawler:

  • News sitemap listing articles created within the past 48 hours. News sitemaps are generated at periodic intervals as specified in the plugin configuration.
  • Video sitemap listing videos hosted on your sites. Video sitemaps are generated every 24 hours.

Sitemap generation includes all content-based assets that are either owned by or accessible to an admin-created site (not the Global site). Sitemap generation runs as a background task. You can view sitemap XML files from a web browser.

Sitemap generation automatically recognizes content types provided by Brightspot. To include custom content types, you must implement interfaces that support sitemap generation.

Contact your Brightspot developer for information about installing the Sitemap plugin.