Viewing Sitemap Background Tasks

Administrators perform this task.

When you save the Sitemap plugin configuration, the server loads background tasks for sitemap generation. You can view the current states of the site background tasks with the Task Status tool.

  1. Navigate to Dari Standard Tools: http://brightspot-host/_debug/.
  2. Click Background Tasks.

Listed under the “Miscellaneous Tasks” section are the sitemap tasks: SiteMapTask if you enabled standard or video sitemaps, and NewsSiteMapTask if you enabled news sitemaps.


You will also see a “Site Map Executor Queues” section, which shows the status of the loaded sitemap tasks. The example shows that two sitemap tasks have run, one for the standard sitemap and one for the news sitemap. The tasks are instances of SiteMapEntryConsumer, which read sitemap entries from an input queue, process (consume) the entries, and generate the sitemap XML files.


In the above screenshot —

  • The “Name” column lists the tasks instances, and the “Progress” column shows the current state of the tasks. The first instance of SiteMapEntryConsumer ran one time and processed 4,457 entries to generate the standard sitemap. The second instance of SiteMapEntryConsumer ran ran one time in an attempt to generate the news sitemap, but did not find any sitemap entries less than 48 hours old. Both tasks are currently stopped.

  • The “Production Tasks” column shows the input queues for sitemap entries, and the “Consumption” column lists the consuming tasks that processed the sitemap entries and generated the sitemap XML files.

    Because the tasks are not currently running, the input queues are empty. However, when the tasks previously ran, the first instance of SiteMapEntryConsumer successfully read and processed 4,457 entries, and the second instance of SiteMapEntryConsumer had no sitemap entries in the queue to process.

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