The Quiz plugin provides the capability to add quizzes, enhancing visitor engagement with your site. For example, a media company could create a weekly “How Well Did You Follow This Week’s News?” quiz, consisting of ten questions and answers that are accompanied by hints.

Overview of quizzes

The plugin provides the Quiz content type, which includes a built-in model for questions, answers, and a numeric score. Each quiz page includes an action button that asynchronously updates the quiz page with a response, such as answer feedback or the next question. In the following example, clicking Check Answer returns data about whether the answer is right or wrong.


Quiz page with first question

The quiz terminates with the scoring results, listing the correct and incorrect answers.


Quiz page with score results

Quizzes can be enhanced with images and embedded social posts, referenced in promos, sections, packages, and tags, and optimized for search engine web indexing.

If the Quiz content type is missing from your Brightspot deployment, contact your Brightspot representative.

Creating a quiz

Editors perform this task.

To create a quiz:

  1. In the Quick Start widget, click Quiz. A content edit form appears.

  2. In the content edit form, provide the following information:

    • Headline: The name of the quiz. The headline appears on all pages containing the quiz.

    • Sub Headline (Optional): Subheadline, which continuously displays for all quiz page updates.

    • Body (Optional): Additional text. Body text continuously displays for all quiz page updates.

    • Intro (Optional): Introduction to the questions, which can include a lead image, title, and description. The introduction only appears when the quiz page is initially rendered.

    • Questions: For each question and set of answer choices, click add_circle_outline.

      • Image (Optional)

      • Title: The question text.

      • Choice Group: The answer choices expressed as radio buttons. Select Radio Choice Group.

        For each choice, click add_circle_outline.

        • Label: One of the answers presented to the visitor.
        • Response Message (Optional): A response that corresponds with the answer. The response displays when the quiz page shows that the answer is right or wrong. For example, a response message can be Sorry, this is the wrong answer.
        • Correct Answer: Indicates whether this answer is the correct one. Only one answer in the choice set can be marked as correct.

      A completed set of questions appears similar to the following:

    • Score: Brightspot automatically calculates the number of right and wrong answers and displays them on the quiz page. You can optionally include a title to precede the scoring data, such as Your Results. You can also include a call to action.

    • Author(s) (Optional)

    • Slug: Automatically populated with the headline. As an indexed field, the slug can be used for internal editorial tracking.

    • Section (Optional)

    • Package (Optional)

    • Tags (Optional)

  3. Click Publish.

To view the quiz, click the URL in the URLs widget.