The News plugin enhances sites with the following features:

  • Breaking news banners – For late-breaking news or important messages for site visitors, you can display a banner message that appears on the top of every site page. You can link the message to an article for further information, and set an expiration date for the banner. You can only have one breaking-news banner per site.

  • Corrections or updates to articles – The plugin adds update and correction fields to the Article content type, allowing you to quickly insert corrections or updates to published articles. Brightspot appends corrections and updates to the end of the article.

  • News embargoes on articles – The plugin adds an embargo field to the Article content type, allowing you to hold publication indefinitely or until a set date is reached. You can also embargo an already published article, which immediately hides the article and references to it on the site.

If the above features are not included in your Brightspot deployment, contact your Brightspot developer.