Email Send Considerations

  • An Email can only be processed if the sender’s Email address matches a user configured in Brightspot. The sender’s Email address can be set in either the Name field or the Email field in the user’s configuration profile. For more information, see Managing users.
  • To create an instance of an article or image content type in Brightspot, set the receiving Email to the address that triggers publishing of the applicable content type, as configured in the mail content mappings.
  • To create an image instance in Brightspot, add an image attachment in the Email. You can also attach an image in an article Email. For the resulting article instance, the attachment is used as the lead image.
  • If you attach multiple images in an Email, only the first image is used by Brightspot.
  • In the Email body, precede article or image fields with the delimiter configured in the mail content mappings. See the example Email Body with Article Content.
  • All emailed content is saved as a draft unless the mail content mappings configuration is set to publish immediately.
  • If no headline is specified in the body of an article Email, then Brightspot substitutes the subject of the Email in the resulting article instance.
  • If a specified tag or section does not exist, Brightspot ignores it.
  • If the content mapper is configured to send response Emails, Brightspot responds to Emails that it receives. When an Email is successfully received, Brightspot sends a confirmation Email with links to the generated content.