Live Blog

A live blog provides commentary by one or more people on an event that is currently taking place. Comments tend to be short and include the authors’ bylines.

Live blogs consist of two content types: Live Blog for defining the current event, and Live Blog Post for entering associated comments. A Live Blog item serves as a container for several Live Blog Post items.

If these content types are missing from your Brightspot deployment, contact your Brightspot developer.

Live blogs can belong to a Section or a Package.

Creating a Live Blog

A live blog is a container for live blog posts. You must first publish a live blog before other Brightspot CMS users can post comments to the blog. For a post to appear in a live blog, it, too, must be in a live state.

Live blog posts can only be created or edited from within the content edit page of the Live Blog item. If you click a Live Blog Post item from the Recent Activity widget or the Search Panel, Brightspot opens the Live Blog item that contains the post.

  1. Using the Quick Start widget or the Create widget on the search panel, open a blank content edit page for the Live Blog type.
  2. Set the Live Blog fields to define the event.
  3. Publish the item when the Live Blog item is ready for posted comments from contributors.

Adding or Editing Live Blog Posts

  1. From the Recent Activity widget or the Search Panel, open the Live Blog item to which you want to post comments.

  2. Click the New Blog Post widget, then click Create and Edit Posts.


    A content edit page appears for a new Live Blog Post, consisting of a Live Posts widget and a content edit form for creating or editing live posts. If previous posts have been published to the Live Blog, they appear in the Live Posts widget.


    Live Posts Widget

    Like any other content type, you can use the Editorial toolbar to save a Live Blog Post in draft, revision, or live state.


    Content Edit Form for Live Blog Post

  3. To add a new post, click New Post if the content edit form is not currently blank. Set the Live Blog Post fields, and click Publish.

    Brightspot automatically updates the Live Post widget with your new post and displays a blank content edit form for your next post.

  4. To edit an existing post:

    1. If necessary, filter posts by user or item status, or do a word search.
    2. Click the link to the post, modify it in the content edit form, and publish it.