Publishing Asset Requests

An asset request lists the assets to which a visitor requested access. This scenario is common in sites with tight control over digital assets. This section describes how to include an asset request in a published page.

  1. Under Overrides, expand Module Placement. Drop-down lists Above, Aside, and Below appear for the module’s position. (For an illustration of these positions, see the diagram Examples of module placement.)

  2. From one of the drop-down lists, select Replace. For an explanation of the possible selections for module placement, see Module Placement.

  3. From the Add list, select List. A List form appears.

  4. In the Title field, enter a title.

  5. In the Description field, enter a description. For an explanation of the buttons on this field’s toolbar, see Rich text editor.

  6. From the Items list select Asset Requests.

  7. In the Items Per Page field, enter the number of requests to display per page.

  8. In the Days To Include Denied Assets, enter a number. Brightspot does not include asset requests that were denied beyond this number of days.

  9. From the Sort list, select the sort direction.

    Your form looks similar to the following:

  10. Click Publish.