Asset Requests and Asset Expirations

With the DAM plugin, you can create a subscription to receive notifications when you receive asset requests or when your approved assets are about to expire. You can configure this subscription to receive notifications for all or some of your sites.

  1. In the header, click your username, then click Profile. The Profile widget appears.

  2. Under the Notifications tab, under Subscriptions, click Add Asset Expiration Subscription or Add Asset Request Subscription. A form appears.

  3. From the Delivery Options list, select the required delivery options. (For an explanation about configuring delivery options, see Delivery options.)

  4. From the Sites list, select one of the following:

    • All Sites—Brightspot sends asset request and expiration notifications regardless of site.

    • Set—Select sites. Brightspot sends asset request and expiration notifications pertaining to the selected sites.

  5. Click Save

Referring to the previous illustration, Brightspot sends a notification via email whenever an asset expiration is about to occur pertaining to the site Modern Neanderthal Cooking.

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