Using Conversation

Editors perform this task.

  1. Open the item for which you want to post a message in the Content Edit Page. The Conversation widget appears below the item. (If you don’t see the Conversation widget, ask your administrator to enable it as described in Configuring Conversation.)

  2. In the Your Message field, type the message, and then click Comment.

If the Watch plugin is installed, when you post a message to an item, Brightspot automatically adds you as a watcher for that item—unless you manually removed yourself from the watch list.

When you include another user’s handle in a conversation, and that user configured delivery options for Conversation Subscriptions, then Brightspot sends a notification to that user. Referring to the following example, is mentioned in a conversation.


Depending on mlautman’s subscription, Brightspot sends a notification using the appropriate delivery option, such as a web browser.