Configuring commenting

Administrators perform this task.

If your version of Brightspot is missing any of the following configuration options, contact your Brightspot developer.

Configuring commenting at the site level

To configure commenting:

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Admin > Sites & Settings.

  2. In the Sites widget, select the site for which you want to configure commenting, or select Global to configure commenting for all sites.

  3. Under Front-End, expand Community.

  4. From the Commentable Types list, select the content types for which visitors can leave comments.

  5. Click Save.

If the Users plugin is enabled and configured on the site, subscribers can now submit comments on all assets of the specified content types.

Disabling commenting at the item level

You can disable commenting for individual items.

To disable commenting at the item level:

  1. Search for and open the item in the content edit page.

  2. Toward the right of the widget, select more_horiz > Overrides.

  3. Expand Feature Overrides.

  4. From the Disabled Features list, select Commenting.

  5. Click Publish.