Configuring Affinities

Administrators perform this task.

If your version of Brightspot is missing any of the following configuration options, contact your Brightspot developer.

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Admin > Sites & Settings.

  2. In the Sites widget, select the site on which you want to configure affinities. If you want to make affinities available on all sites, select the Global site, from which all other sites can inherit settings.

  3. In Front-End, scroll to and expand Action Bar. You can create a default action bar that applies to all published types. You can also create type-specific action bars that override the default action bar for specified content types. If you do not want an action bar for all published types, only create type-specific action bars.

  4. To create a default action bar:

    1. Click the Default Action Bar field and select Set.
    2. Click add_circle_outline and select an affinity, such as a Bookmark. Repeat to select additional affinities.
  5. To create a type-specific action bar:

    1. Under Type Specific Overrides, click add_circle_outline. A form appears.

    2. Click Types and select one or more content types.

    3. Under Action Bar, click Items and select an affinity. Repeat to select additional affinities.

    4. Repeat steps a–c to create additional type-specific action bars.

  6. Click Save.

Note that you may have assets on which you do not want affinities on the action bar. You can disable affinities at the asset level, as follows:

  1. Open the asset on which you want to disable affinities.

  2. On the asset’s Content Edit form, click Overrides.

  3. Scroll to Feature Overrides.

  4. On the Disabled Features field, select one or more affinities.

  5. Publish the asset.