Sharing Collections

You can share a collection you created or a shared collection to which you have full access.

  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Admin > Collections. The My Collections widget appears along with any existing collections. (If someone shared a collection with you, it appears in the Shared Collections widget.)

  2. Click the collection you want to share. The Edit Collection widget appears.

  3. Click Share Collection. The Share Collection widget appears.

  4. From the Read-Only list, select the users who can only view the collection’s assets.

  5. From the Full Access list, select the users who have the same access to the collection as you do.

  6. Click Share.

After you share a collection, when a user navigates to Admin > Collections, the shared collection appears in a Shared Collections widget.

Users can view a collection’s assets based on their permissions. For example, if you share with User A a collection that contains an image, but User A does not have permission to view images, then User A cannot view the images in the collection.

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