Uploading a File

Editors perform this task.

With the CloudConvert plugin configured, uploading a file into a Document, Presentation, or Spreadsheet content type will trigger indexing of the file’s content, provided the file format is supported.

  1. Create a new Document, Presentation or Spreadsheet.

  2. In the content edit form, set the applicable fields.

  3. In the File field, choose a new upload, and select a file.

  4. From the Editorial toolbar, click Publish, or click save to save a draft.

    Brightspot indexes the file’s content and generates a thumbnail for the first page of the file. On the content edit page, under METADATA, the text extracted for indexing and the thumbnail are displayed.


    Text Extracted for Indexing


    Thumbnail Image

In the search panel, a query for any of the words listed under “Extracted Data” will retrieve the item. Depending on the display mode in the search panel, the item’s thumbnail image will appear in the results.