Brightspot includes the following analytics plugins for retrieving and reporting usage data for publishable assets:

  • Brightspot Analytics Plugin provides a script that tracks page views for individual assets. The Brightspot Analytics Widget, added to content edit pages, displays the page view totals for each asset.

    Brightspot Analytics plugin must be enabled.

  • Brightspot Report Plugin reports on various metrics at the site level. The Brightspot Report Widget, added to the dashboard, displays metric results in one or more report formats.

    Brightspot Reporting plugin must be enabled and added to the dashboard.

  • Google Analytics plugin collects Brightspot site data from the external Google Analytics service. Brightspot can store and retrieve the analytics in various report formats.

    Google Analytics plugin must be enabled.

If Brightspot Analytics and Google Analytics plugins are both enabled, and Brightspot Analytics is configured to use Google Analytics as a page view supplier, then editors can sort content by page view in dynamic lists. Editors can also include page view totals in the Search Panel. Page view data is retrieved from the external Google Analytics service.

Contact your Brightspot developer for information about installing the analytics plugins.