Brightspot Analytics

The Brightspot Analytics plugin collects page view data that powers the Analytics widget, which appears on the content edit page for publishable assets. Using the widget tabs, you can select a time frame over which to view the data.


Configuring Brightspot Analytics

Administrators perform this task.

If your version of Brightspot is missing any of the following configuration options, contact your Brightspot developer.

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Admin > Sites & Settings.

  2. Select the Global site.

  3. On the Main tab, scroll to the “Analytics” options.

  4. Using the following table as a reference, enter settings for the Brightspot Analytics plugin. Note that some global settings can be overridden in the site hierarchy.

  5. Click Save.

Brightspot Analytics Settings–Main Tab
Field Description

Page Views Supplier

The source provider of page view data. If None, the supplier is the Brightspot server.

If the Google Analytics plugin is enabled, you can choose Google Analytics Page View Supplier as the data source. Choosing this setting enables additional features — see Google Analytics Page View Supplier for more information. This setting also requires additional configuration — see Configuring Page View Supplier.

Disable Scripts? If marked, disables the JavaScript that collects page view data. Data remains uncollected until the script is re-enabled.
Search Sources
(can be overridden)
The search sources used to refer Brightspot assets. If not set,
Brightspot tracks the Google, Bing, and Yahoo sites by default.
Social Sources
(can be overridden)
The social sources used to refer Brightspot assets. If not set,
Brightspot tracks the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube sites by default.


If you set Search Sources or Social Sources, the specified sites override the default sites. If you want Brightspot to also track the default sites, specify the default sites along with the non-default sites, for example, (non-default site), plus,, (default sites).

Google Analytics Page View Supplier

When you configure Brightspot Analytics, you have the option of setting Google Analytics as a page view supplier. If you set this option, Brightspot leverages page view data from the Google Analytics service in the following ways:

  • Page view data is consumed by the “Page Views” custom field in the Search Panel.

    See Search Display Options for more information.

  • Dynamic lists can be configured to sort content by page view.


    See Dynamic lists for more information.


To use Google Analytics as a page view supplier, the Google Analytics plugin must be enabled and configured.

Configuring Page View Supplier

If in the Brightspot Analytics configuration you set the Page Views Supplier field to Google Analytics Page View Supplier, you must also set the following fields:

Google Analytics Page View Supplier–Configuration Options
Field Description

Report Task Schedule

A cron expression that specifies the time interval for the Google Analytics background task to run. Must be set for the task to run. For example, this expression, 0 0 0/1 1/1 * ? *, will run the task every hour on every day. For assistance in building cron expressions, see Cron Maker.

When set, Brightspot initiates collection of data from the previous day, and proceeds with collection as specified in the cron expression.

Interval and Amount The scope of time to calculate the number of page views for the assets listed in the search panel. Must be set. For example, if you set Interval to Days and Amount to 2, then the Page Views field in the search panel reflects the number of page views over the past two days.