Settings for the Global site

The Global site has many settings that serve two purposes: configuring Brightspot and providing defaults for lower levels in the site hierarchy.

The settings described in this section apply to basic versions of Brightspot. Your version of Brightspot may have different settings.

To configure the Global site:

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Admin > Sites & Settings.
  2. In the Sites & Settings widget, click Global. The Edit Global widget appears.
  3. Using the tables Global settings–Main tab and Global settings–Debug tab as a reference, make entries in the Edit Global widget.
  4. Click Save.
Global settings–Main tab
Field Description
Name Name for Global site.
Company Name Company name. If there is no company logo, the company name appears in the header next to the Navigation Menu. If there is no company name and no logo, Brightspot appears in the header.
Company Logo Company logo. Appears in the header next to the Navigation Menu. Overrides company name.
Background Image Background image for login page. If set to None, a random image appears.
Environment Name of environment. Appears in a ribbon in the header.
Default Role Default role when creating a new user. For additional information about creating new users, see Creating roles and Creating users.
Default Site URL Default URL for published sites. For information about creating sites, see Creating sites; for an explanation of site URLs, see Overview of URLs.
Default Preview URL The default base portion of a URL used to preview content. If not specified, Brightspot uses the Default Site URL.
Default Tool URL The URL Brightspot uses when sending notifications that include links, such as emails or text messages. Also the URL editors use to log in to Brightspot. Do not append /cms to this field. For an explanation of tool URLs, see Overview of URLs.
Allow Global Editing Editors logged on to Global site can edit content associated with any other site. Overrides access permission set at item level. For information about permissions in a multi-site environment, see Assigning permissions to content on multiple sites.
Global Only If on, editors see the broadcast message only when working in the Global site.
Broadcast Message Message appearing on top of the header.
Broadcast Expiration Date and time when broadcast message expires. If blank, broadcast message has no expiration.
Content Templates
Global Defaults Globally available templates populated with default values. For details, see Content templates.
Global Extras Globally available templates populated with default values and labeled as a different content type. For details, see Content templates.
Site Specific Defaults Templates populated with default values for a specific site. For details, see Setting content templates at site levels.
Site Specific Extras Templates populated with default levels and labeled as a different content type for a specific site. For details, see Setting content templates at site levels.
Default Dashboard Default dashboard for all roles and users. Roles and users with a default dashboard of None inherit this dashboard. For information about building dashboards at the role or user level, see Custom dashboards.
Resources Default list of resources for the Resources widget. For information about the Resources widget, see Resources.
Quick Start Settings List of content types and items appearing in the Quick Start widget.
Bulk Upload Settings Default file type in the Upload Files widget. For details, see Upload.
Dropbox Application Key Application key for downloading files from Dropbox. Useful if you want to select images or videos for an article that are stored on Dropbox.
Google Server Api Key Application key for downloading files from Google Drive. Useful if you want to select images or videos for an article that are stored on Google.
Dictionaries List of dictionaries containing correctly spelled words. For information about creating additional dictionaries, see Global dictionaries.
Default From Email Address from which Brightspot sends email notifications. For details, see Notifications.
Debugging To Emails Address to which Brightspot sends debugging emails.
Default From Phone Number Phone number from which Brightspot sends text message notifications. Must be a number registered with an SMS service for sending text messages. If blank, Brightspot uses the value configured for Dari; for details, see Step 3: Configure Dari for text messaging.
Preview Types Content types that you can preview on external applications, such as a mobile app or InDesign.
Preview Devices List of devices available in the preview pane. If blank, all devices are available.
Default Text Overlay CSS Default CSS statements for text overlaid on graphics. For example, color: white; sets the overlaid text in white.
Text CSS Class Groups Adds user-defined buttons and associated formatting to the rich-text editor. Useful if users are adding combinations of formatting, such as red + underline.
Legacy HTML Provides backward compatibility for those projects using the old style of storing HTML from rich-text editors.
Enable Annotations Deprecated.
Enable Code Mirror Rich Text Editor If toggled on, Brightspot uses the previous CodeMirror rich-text editor; if toggled off, Brightspot uses the more current ProseMirror rich-text editor.
Two-Factor Authentication Required Default setting for requiring Two-Factor Authentication when logging in.
Common Times Static times for general usage, such as setting a daily column deadline to 3:30 PM. You can have these times appear in Brightspot. For details, contact your Brightspot developer.
Inline Editing

Items users can edit using the inline editor.

  • All Contents—Users can edit the item and subsidiary items. For example, if an article contains an author item, the user can modify both the article and the author.
  • Only Main Content—Users can edit the item but not its subsidiary items.
  • Disabled—Inline editor is not available.

Users can override this setting at the user level; for details, see Creating users.

Disable Front End Uploader Deprecated.
Disable Viewers Disables the viewer mechanism. For details, see Viewers.
Content Locking Applies various levels of content locking. For an explanation of the levels, see Enabling content or field locking
Search Carousel Display Specifies visibility and position of the search carousel.
Enable Padded Crop Deprecated.
Disable Smart Uploader
  • If on, smart uploader is disabled. When bulk uploading files, editors must make one bulk upload for each type of file. For example, one bulk upload for JPGs, and a separate bulk upload for MP4s.
  • If off, smart uploader is enabled. Editors can upload different types of files, and Brightspot associates each file with the correct content type.

For information about bulk uploading, see Upload.

Gallery Display Deprecated.
Localization Bundles Customized labels for Brightspot’s widgets; for details, see Customizing Brightspot’s labels.
Global settings–Debug tab
Field Description
Disabled Plugins List of installed plugins that are disabled.
Single Generated Permalink Forces a newly generated permalink to replace any existing permalinks.
Extra CSS Additional lines of CSS code that impact the Brightspot GUI. For example, the statement label {text-decoration: underline;} underlines all field labels in the Brightspot GUI. See also Adding Custom Styling and Scripting.
Extra Java Script Lines of JavaScript code that run every time you load a page in Brightspot. For example, the statement alert('Good morning!'); displays an alert message every time you load the Dashboard, content edit form, or any other page. See also Adding Custom Styling and Scripting.
Use Non Minified CSS Displays linked CSS files in pretty print. Applies to viewing page sources within Brightspot. For example, if you load the Dashboard, view source, and view the linked CSS files, those files appear in pretty print. This setting has no effect on the built file All.min.css, which is always uglified.
Use Non Minified Java Script Displays linked JavaScript files in pretty print. Applies to viewing page sources within Brightspot. For example, if you load the Dashboard, view source, and view the linked JavaScript files, those files appear in pretty print. This setting has no effect on the built file All.min.js, which is always uglified.
Disable Automatically Saving Drafts Deprecated.
Enable Ajax Saves Deprecated. Use instead Disable Work in Progress.
Disable Types Not Associated with Java Classes Prevents Models not associated with a class from appearing in the Brightspot GUI. For example, if you renamed a class Cookies to Cake, Cookies does not appear in the Brightspot GUI.
Remove Trailing Slashes

Removes trailing slashes from URL requests to published sites. Brightspot saves permalinks without a trailing slash, such as favorite-cookies, so looking up (with trailing slash) may give an error 404. With this option marked, Brightspot looks up (no trailing slash).

Overrides Enable Trailing Slash Normalization.

Enable Trailing Slash Normalization
  • If enabled, ensures URLs have a trailing slash.
  • If disabled, removes trailing slash from URLs.
Disable Tool Checks Deprecated.
Allow Insecure Authentication Cookie Deprecated.
Display Site in Search Result Adds a Site column to the search panel. This column indicates to which site a found item belongs.
Always Generate Permalinks Always generates new permalinks and retains previous ones. For example, Brightspot often creates permalinks from the headline field. If an item’s first draft has a headline cookies, the first permalink is /cookies. If the item’s second draft has a headline cakes, the item now has two permalinks: /cookies and /cakes.
Disable Edit Field Update Cache Deprecated. Replaced by Disable Rtc.
Dari Settings List of key-value pairs for interacting with Dari. For a list of possible settings, see Configuring Dari.
Enable Cross Domain Inline Editing Inline Editor appears for all elements on a page, even those belonging to a different domain. Useful when you log in to Brightspot at one domain (such as but publish to a different domain (such as
Disable Rtc Disables the real-time communication (RTC) platform between the browser and the server. Several features rely on this platform, such as Viewers, so disabling RTC disables these features. Useful for debugging as RTC frequently changes the state of several system elements and thereby masks the sources of bugs.
Disable Invisible Content Preview Disables the display of invisible content, such as archived items, in the Preview Pane. For example, an author is associated with an article, and the author’s record is subsequently archived. The author is still visible in the preview pane—but not in the published version. Marking this option prevents the archived author from appearing in the preview pane.
Disable Work in Progress As users type in the content edit form, Brightspot saves the incremental changes even before they click one of the save buttons in the Publish widget. Marking this option disables those interim saves. For more information, see Work in progress.
Use Old History Index Provides backward compatibility for those projects using the old indexing of History objects.
Use Old Taxonomy Children Detection Provides backward compatibility for those projects using the old indexing of objects implementing the Taxon interface.
Use Old Directory Paths Predicate

When querying for objects with a path:

  • If on, appends legacy predicate paths != missing.
  • If off, appends current predicate hasPath = true.
Use Legacy Settings Site Switching
  • If on, selecting a site in the Sites widget does not change the editor’s current site.
  • If off, selecting a site in the Sites widget changes the editor’s current site to the selected site.