Customizing Brightspot’s appearance

You can customize Brightspot’s color scheme and layout. All users can customize Brightspot’s appearance for themselves. Administrators can customize the appearance for a specific site or for the global site.

  • Customizations at the global level apply to all users.
  • Customizations at the site level override those at the global level.
  • Customizations at the user level override those at the site and global levels.

To customize Brightspot’s appearance:

  1. Hover with the mouse in the upper-right-hand corner of the header until a paintbrush brush appears.

  2. Click the paintbrush. The Edit Theme widget appears.

  3. Using the table Brightspot appearance settings as a reference, customize the appearance of each component.

  4. Click one of the following:

    • Save to user—Saves the settings for your Brightspot account.
    • Save to site—Saves the settings for users working on the current site.
    • Save to global—Saves the settings for all sites.
  5. Click close.

Brightspot appearance settings
Field Definition
Presets List of standard color combinations.
Boxed Input
  • If toggled on, places border around fields.
  • If toggled off, places border at bottom of fields.
Compact Displays the content edit form with smaller labels and fields, so more of it appears in your screen without scrolling.
Compact Rails Displays widgets in the right and left rails with smaller labels and fields, so more of them appear in your screen without scrolling.
High Contrast Mode Displays Brightspot in a high-contrast mode, improving accessibility and ideal when working outside or with strong ambient light.
Header Background Background color of header.
Dominant Editorial toolbar background, field labels.
Accent Tab indicator.
Gray Tab labels, placeholders, numbers in selection fields.
Red Error messages.
Orange Used in customized version of Brightspot.
Yellow Field changed since last save.
Green Editorial toolbar border, color of Publish button.
Blue Cursor in field.
Purple Used in customized version of Brightspot.

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